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Westermo modem ISDN IDW-90

Westermo modem ISDN IDW-90
2 364,7 RON+TVA (2 813,9 RON)2813.9
Connection to analogue telephone modems
DTE data rate up to 230 kbit/s
ISDN data rate up to 128 kbit/s (ISDN)
Analogue data rate up to 33.6 kbit/s (V.34)
ISDN leased line support
Generic I/O inputs and Relay output
DTR/TX and I/O event trigged dialling
Secure connection and dial-back
Remote configuration
Configuration by DIP-switches
Event trigged SMS-message transmission.
Industrial and railway level of protection
Polarity independent AC-/DC-supply
Galvanic isolation (Power supply- ISDN – I/O – Serial interfaces)
Built in watchdog